Koken’s technologies are revolutionizing the electronics industry

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The 21st century era of great development and progress has begun. Photo fabrication applications are at the very heart of progress in electronics technology and offer unlimited possibilities for the ever-changing needs of Japanese industry. By constantly researching and developing new technologies, Koken has grown into a major, respected corporation. Over the years, Koken has built up a wealth of expertise and offers a broad range of sophisticated production systems for precision photographic products, photo-etched precision metal products, ultra-fine products, assembling of various metal-processed jigs, and three-dimensional thermo-compression bonding. Koken will continue to serve its customers through photo fabrication applications; enhance its technology, reliability and quality; and contribute to the development of the electronics industry.

Shorter delivery time - Prototypes can be produced within two days. Ideal for mass production - Many pieces can be processed simultaneously. Manufacture of perfect precision parts without strain,work-hardening,flashes or burrs. Drastic reduction of initial cost - No expensive jigs are required unlike press working. Complicated jigs or plates can be processed by applying themo-compression bonding.