Superb technical specialists,
we turn your desires into real shape with startling speed

To realize full IoT society of the future, with the growth of AI, self-driving and electric vehicles, stable manufacturing and supply of compact electronic components and semiconductors are its keys.
Koken Chemical Co., Ltd. has worked with customers to accrue extensive experience and has taken on the challenges of new technologies for over 40 years.
Led by our core technology of photo-etching, which is very suitable for fine precision processing, we have primarily produced manufacturing technologies, such as the processing tools and jigs necessary for small electronic components and semiconductors.
We have unique expertise in 3D thermal bonding (diffusion bonding), in which photo-etched metal plates are stacked and bonded without the use of adhesives, and we use this expertise to meet customer special needs.
As customer’s development speed increases, we have been working diligently with customers with prioritizing delivery time and quality. 

We are happy to hear requests such as “Can you create this specific shapes?” or “Let’s collaborate from development stage.”

Quality policy

(1)Quality First

(2)Quick Response

(3)Cost Reduction

Environmental policy

Basic philosophy
We have established and implement an environmental management system (EMS) and engage in continuous improvement, thereby reducing our environmental impact. All of our employees work as one to actively protect the global environment.

Code of Conduct
1. We comply with national and local environmental laws and regulations and strive to protect the environment.
2. Through our business activities, we promote the reduction of waste and recycling whenever possible.
3. We stop the unnecessary use of power and water resources and reduce our usage of natural resources and energy.
4. We provide environmental training to all employees, making them thoroughly aware of our environmental policy and fostering a greater focus on safety.
5. We manage chemical substances and manage and conserve facilities. We prevent environmental pollution, including water pollution and soil pollution.

In order to perform the above, we have defined environmental objectives and targets, and regularly review and revise them to continually improve our environmental management system.
All employees are made thoroughly familiar with this environmental policy, and it is also made available to external stakeholders.

February 1, 2021
Koken Chemical Co., Ltd.
Representative & President Miyazawa Kazuhiro

UPT Group Network


Started manufacturing of precision metal parts through photo-etching
Constructed Kawagoe Factory. Commenced the manufacturing of laminated magnetic head cores, mainly for industrial use, as secondary processing
Started fabrication of precision metal parts and metal masks through photo-etching
Started preproduction of precision metal parts through photo-etching
Added a new factory building to Kawagoe Factory and introduced a fully-automated photo-etching line
Constructed Head Office Factory (formerly, Yokohama Factory)
Started volume production of precision metal parts through Photo-etching
Established K.R. Precision Co., Ltd. in Thailand as a joint venture for production of suspensions for HDD magnetic mounts
Sold all shares of K.R. Precision Co., Ltd.(currently, Magnecomp Precision Technology Public Company Limited) at the time of its listing on Thai stock exchange. Withdrew from the management of K.R. Precision
Opened Head Office Factory (Currently, Yokohama Factory) as the business expanded.
Started in-house plating facilities to shorten delivery time and manufacture trial products
Established Kyosei Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a manufacturing subsidiary, in Thailand
Became a member of UPT Group
Established AP48 Co., Ltd.
Kyosei Co., Ltd. became a consolidated subsidiary
Opened a branch in South Korea to expand businesses in the country
Installed automatic exposure machines
Established Kyosei USA, Inc., for marketing and sales in North America.Provide research grants to University of California, Irvine.
Became a member of UPT Group
Started new photo-etching production lines
Changed corporate name to United Precision Technologies Co., Ltd.Launched "ETCHING + ONE" solutions
Koken Chemical Co., Ltd. became consolidated subsidiary
Acquired International Trading Centers certification to strengthen sales capabilities in Asia
Opened Kansai Sales Office
Selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) as one of the companies in the 2020 Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100.