Various processing technologies

We also offer various other processing techniques.


Electroforming is a process that uses electrodeposition technology to form thin metal plates into a desired shape with high precision. It allows to manufacture three-dimensional components such as fine meshes and encoders.


An etched flat plate can be bent into a three-dimensional shape. We can produce connectors, leaf springs, and various precision parts even in small quantities. The whole process from etching prototype to bending may take as little as three days.


Sheets can be plated after the etching. We offer a wide range of plating processes, including partial gold plating, partial tin plating, and partial nickel plating. We can apply matte black coating or black plating to reduce the reflectance on precision parts created by photo etching. Our integrated production system enables us to deliver everything from photo-etching prototypes to plated parts in two days at the earliest. *Please consult us regarding materials, thickness and pattern.

Spot welding

When an electric current is applied to clamped metal pieces, the resistive heat melts the metals in the contact point and welds the pieces together. This is a partial welding after etching, and it is suitable for simple joints that do not require durability. The spot welding is used to join together two etched parts or etched parts with parts subjected to other processes, depending on the combination.

Laser cutting

Excellent directivity and high power of laser beam allows to heat materials locally and processed them without mechanical contact. Complex processing such as free-form cutting, drilling, welding, surface treatment, and microfabrication can be realized by laser cutting performed after etching.

Wire cutting

This process can be used to cut conductive metals such as iron and stainless steel by applying an electric current to the wire used as an electrode and attaching a taper (slope). Since the maximum thickness of a plate that can be photo-etched is limited to 2.0t, combining this process with etching allows to produce products that have not been possible in the past.

Glass mask

We have hard masks made from glass and emulsion masks made from glass or film. Precise light blocking patterns can be created on hard masks using a thin chrome film, and on emulsion masks using blackened metallic silver.

Special PCBs

We process special materials supplied by customers using our own proprietary manufacturing methods.