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Electroforming is a process in which a thin metal plate is precisely formed to the desired shape by electrodeposition. It is used to manufacture steric parts including fine meshes and encoders.

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Electroforming image

Working limit and accuracy

(1)Working plate thickness
Working plate thickness:0.005-0.2t. (Please inquire for other thicknesses.)
(Please inquire for other thicknesses.)
(2)Workable raw materials
Nickel and copper
(3)Corner shape
External and internal angles are rounded when electroforming.
The external angle is 50% of the plate thickness while the internal one is 20% of the plate thickness.
Corner shape
(4)Dimensional tolerance
Although the dimensional tolerance depends on plate thickness, ß}5 (m is applicable. Please consult us; we can meet stricter requirements.
(5)Cross section shape
Since side-etching is unavoidable, the cross section of a product is as shown in the drawing. It is within 10% of the plate thickness for both-side etching and within 20% for one-side etching.
Cross section shape
(6)Working limit
Minimum size D less than 5 (m is allowable, except for a case related to spacing.
Minimum size W less than 30 (m is allowable.
Working limit